Forecast Cloudy – Profiling Azure Cloud Service

We can get an in-depth analysis of the computational aspects of how azure application runs by using the Visual Studio Profiler.  Below I will show you how to use Sampling performance gathering method in Visual Studio Profiler to profile Cloud Service in Azure. If you need basic information on Visual Studio Profiler start here – .
Sampling is a statistical profiling method that shows you the functions that are doing most of the user mode work in the application. Sampling is a good place to start to look for areas to speed up your application.

At specified intervals, the Sampling method collects information about the functions that are executing in your application. After you finish a profiling run, the Summary view of the profiling data shows the most active function call tree, called the Hot Path, where most of the work in the application was performed. The view also lists the functions that were performing the most individual work, and provides a timeline graph you can use to focus on specific segments of the sampling session.

Sampling is the most common method to application profiling, there are other methods as well, but they may come with more performance overhead or require more application instrumentation.
Make sure you enable appropriate settings when publishing your application to Azure

  • In Solution Explorer, open the shortcut menu for your Azure project, and then choose Publish.
  • In the Advanced Settings tab, select the Enable profiling


  • Choose the Settings And select Sampling  and Enable Tier Interaction Profiling, and click OK.
  • Click Next and Publish the application


Once you ran your profile you can now view profile reports. To get them do following

  • Using Visual Studio Server Explorer, expand Azure -> Cloud Services ->Your_Cloud_Role ->Production (Profiling), right click on the instance, click on View Profiling Report.
  • report_view
  • It may take couple minutes for the profiling report to show up. Click on the Save icon to save a local copy for analysis


  • Once you are done with profiling you may republish application without that option checked.

Happy performance hunting. For more see –


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