My name is Gennady Kostinsky and as you will see from my blog my interests are mainly around Microsoft stack (SQL Server, .NET, AppFabric Cache, etc.) and system performance. I hope some of the interesting cases around performance and Microsoft development stack that I find while tuning systems will be interesting to you as well.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Gennady:
    I just ran into your blog while looking for something on Extended Events.
    I rarely ever comment on someone’s About Page.
    But, I found all your pages to be top shelf and so placing a comment on one or the other will be missing the point.
    So cheerly Good job overall and please keep up the work, but more importantly the graciousness in heart that you share.
    Some people it seems they are share beguilingly, but not so here; as you share happily with the requisite lightness.
    Yet, have not absconded from tackling conventional tough subject areas.
    As a bird, prayerfully sit upon that high tightrope and continue to soar graciously.

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